A. House call visits are covered by Medicare Part B. CRTC does bill insurance directly if you have it.

A. Request an appointment on the website or give us a call

A. Calls are returned within 24 hours and appointments usually available within the same week. Monday-Saturday appointment times available.

A. Nurse Practitioners are able to write new prescriptions and refill existing ones.

A. Initial/new patient visits are one hour. Follow-up/established visits are a minimum of 30 minutes.

A. Yes, CRTC only performs visits where you are; home, board, and care, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility. Covid precautions in place each time.

A. In addition to home medical visits, service includes email, phone consultations, patient advocacy, visits in hospitals, and accompanying to other visits, family care plans, long term care planning, other concerns as arise.

A. Yes. The additional fee is not covered by insurance.

A. Between $2,000.00 and $3,500.00 for the year.

A. Yes. CRTC is a comprehensive medical service designed to put your needs first. The goal is to keep your independence, maintain safety, and keep you in your own dwelling as long as possible.

A. Foremost CRTC comes to you! Most Doctors, even concierge practices, do NOT make house calls. Also, Nurse Practitioners, (NP’s) review the entire patient, including living situations, and accommodate your needs. CRTC NP’s are trained general practitioners. If there is something out of the scope of practice, referrals can be made to appropriate providers.

A. Yes. CRTC does have a supervisory MD on staff for any concerns.

A. Written consent needs to be obtained before any medical information can be shared with anyone, including family. If you wish, yes, concerns can be discussed. The goal is to have a partnership with the patient and provide a comfort factor between the patient, family, and provider.

A. No. The NP role is similar to a medical doctor; diagnose, treat, prescribe, or refer as needed. There is a network of services that the NP can provide for home care needs such as bathing, shopping, dressing, food preparation, etc. Also, other services such as blood draws, x-rays, and physical therapy can be brought into the home either as a convenience or necessity.

A. No. Please refer to testimonials. Also, references are available anytime.

A. No. An NP and medical assistant make calls together.

A. Yes, however you feel the most comfortable. Spouse, family, children.

A. There are other services and products available with CRTC. They offer hormone replacement therapy, vitamins and supplements, home evaluations for safety, comprehensive medical/life books, and more!